Never Static Pictures is a trans-media company specializing in all aspects of film production from script to compression, with emphasis on cinematography.  Never Static Pictures also operates as the publisher of comic books and original intellectual property.  Other core competencies include virtual reality photography/video, interactive GUI design, and motion graphics.  

Never Static Pictures began in 2012, and is the brain child of Jason Beckwith.  Jason spent a decade and a half working for various Silicon Valley advertising agencies.  At one point, Jason was titled 'Manager of video solutions' with responsibilities including managing a full studio, multiple editing suites, VFX stations, and the required staff.  With a full rolodex,  we are able to scale support positions to meet your production or post production needs.  In the cinematography category, we own a large amount of bleeding edge production equipment including a 6k Red Dragon camera, jibs, support, lenses, 4k drones, etc.

Comic distributors and retailers are encouraged to engage with us using the contact link in the header above.

For more information about Jason Beckwith, please follow the link below to the subsection of this site, where his personal blog, bio and gallery of non-professional and experimental projects appear.

Jason Beckwith - Personal Website