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Anarchy Beyond the Walls

Issue 2

Within the walled city, Dylan is promoted by his father for the convoy raid.  Wesley is granted citizenship within the walls for his part in the mission. Dylan then shocks Karina by proposing publicly, putting a gun around her finger instead of a ring. Karina awkwardly accepts.  At Shane’s Gas Station, Simon and Uncle Hank come by to help load them up for the barter marketplace. They arrive, and open their stand which sells Lollipops made by Grams, Moonshine brewed by Elizabeth, and bullets made by Uncle Hank. Grams sends Shane shopping with a list. Karina runs away from the city, leaving the safety of the city through a public gate. Shane sees Karina being followed into an alley. He saves her and brings her back to his family’s marketplace booth. Grams and Elizabeth take a shine to Karina.  They invite her to stay with them, against Shane’s better judgement. Back in the city, Karina’s mother finds her note and notifies Dylan.


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