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Anarchy Beyond the Walls

Issue 3

Karina’s maid, Consuela, is interrogated by Dylan. He learns nothing. Karina struggles to be useful at the gas station, as everyone unpacks from the marketplace. Elizabeth shows her how to run the generator and charge her electric scooter. Elizabeth tells her about their family while they help move supplies. Dylan’s rude and entitled character shines through as he deals with the bureaucracy of the walled city, to find out what happened to Karina. Karina runs the generator at night, turning on all of the gas station lights.  Elizabeth tells her a story of when running the lights attracted a gang that killed their grandfather. Dylan visits the site where Shane saved Karina in the alleyway. Karina bonds with Shane over her story, while they sit guard in the machine gun nest on the roof. The next morning, Elizabeth and Grams find out Karina’s identity when they see a news broadcast proclaiming that she’s missing. Karina leaves while Shane is away.


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