The first Con of 2019 will be WonderCon in Anaheim. It was the first Con that I ever went to, back when it was at Moscone in SF. It’s a fun Con, and it usually kicks off the season for us. We’ve spent all winter working away in obscurity and we finally get to show you the fruits of our labor. I’m waiting on a shipment from our printer of issue 11 for Taking Eden, and issue 4 of Anarchy Beyond the Walls.

Both are interesting issues, as each comes before an ending, of sorts. Issue 12 of Taking Eden is the end of Act II, and the last book of the second trade paperback. The story has been building toward issue 12 for several books, and issue twelve will be a turning point for our story. Issue twelve is inked, and going through colors, as I type this. Issue 4 of Anarchy Beyond the Walls ends with an event sure to rock the world of every character. Issue 5 is the last book in the series. It’s a 36 page story that brings everything to close. Pencils are up to page twelve already. Oh, and after a 1 year hiatus, Chronointel 3 is written and laid for the Niño to begin. He’s finishing up the cover for the trade paperback, and a special poster now.

We hope to see you at WonderCon. We are in Small Press, table 75.